OCTIO awarded a multi-year 4D geophysical monitoring frame contract offshore Australia

OCTIO, a subsidiary of Reach Subsea ASA (“Reach”), has secured a multi-year geophysical monitoring frame contract with an operator offshore Australia. OCTIO will deploy the proprietary gWatch service to deliver gravimetry and seabed subsidence measurements. “This is an international breakthrough for OCTIO and we welcome this opportunity to work with a new client. We look forward to deploying our cost-efficient gWatch service and supporting the

OCTIO awarded multi-year geophysical monitoring contract with A/S Norske Shell

OCTIO, a subsidiary of Reach Subsea ASA (“Reach”), has secured a multi-year geophysical monitoring contract with A/S Norske Shell for the Ormen Lange field. OCTIO has delivered services to A/S Norske Shell for over a decade, and this contract further solidifies the long-standing relationship between the two parties. “OCTIO welcomes the opportunity to continue to support A/S Norske Shell at Ormen Lange, Norway’s second-largest gas

Reach Subsea ASA acquires OCTIO & MonViro

Haugesund, 8 December 2021: Reach Subsea ASA (“Reach”), a provider of subsea services globally, today announced that the Company has entered an agreement with Equinor Ventures AS to acquire OCTIO AS. “The acquisition of OCTIO will deepen Reach Subsea’s technology competence and expand our value chain, accelerating the Company’s strategy to become a full-service provider of subsea data and solutions for clients globally,” said Jostein

OCTIO completes 4D gravimetry survey for Equinor’s giant Troll field

OCTIO has successfully completed the gWatch survey acquired over the giant Troll field. The operation was conducted using the Havila Subsea vessel and was completed with unprecedented efficiency with no equipment downtime. The average uncertainty for the measurements for the survey was 0.5 µGal and 2.1 mm. Equinor uses 4D gravity and subsidence data to optimize the field production. At Troll, results from previous surveys

OCTIO presents the impact of the new generation of gravimetry & subsidence instrumentation

During the 2021 EAGE PRM workshop, OCTIO presented results demonstrating the improved gravity and subsidence monitoring accuracy with the gWatch instrumentation. The OCTIO and Equinor authors (abstract) utilised the Snøvhit gas field monitoring case to demonstrate enhanced data value to our customers with the abovementioned improvements. During a survey, OCTIO gWatch measures gravity and subsidence at predefined locations (stations) at the seafloor. OCTIO conducts repeat

OCTIO sets a new milestone for accuracy and efficiency of gravimetry surveys with Shell Norge at Ormen Lange field

OCTIO completed the 7th gWatch survey for Shell Norge and delivered outstanding quality gravimetry and subsidence measurements at the Ormen Lange field. Shell Norge acquires gravimetry and seabed subsidence measurements at Ormen Lange field every second year to monitor aquifer influx, reservoir compaction and the energy balance within the reservoir. Shell Norge uses these measurements to refine field recovery strategy and increase gas production sustainability. 

OCTIO awarded contract for DrillWatch service

OCTIO has been awarded a contract by Lundin Energy Norway for deploying OCTIO DrillWatch service at the upcoming exploration well 16/4-12 Merckx in the Production License 981. DrillWatch has the potential to improve operational efficiency and safety. With look-ahead measurements, DrillWatch significantly reduces depth uncertainty of formation reflections ahead of the bit and supports the landing of the liner shoe in the target interval. Lundin

MOL Norge and Innovasjon Norge engage in the further development of the OCTIO DrillWatch technology

MOL Norge has decided to deploy OCTIO DrillWatch technology for the upcoming exploration well 2/9-6 S in the PL617 block. DrillWatch has the potential to improve operational efficiency and safety for MOL Norge. With look-ahead measurements, DrillWatch can significantly reduce depth uncertainty of formation reflections ahead of the bit. The project has been made possible through funding from Innovasjon Norge. “The OCTIO team thanks MOL

OCTIO kicks off the 4D gravimetry survey of the Midgard and Aasta Hansteen fields

OCTIO has recently kicked off the offshore surveys that will acquire seabed gravity and subsidence data over the Midgard and Aasta Hansteen fields. The operation started July 1st, with the mobilization of OCTIO’s equipment on the Subsea Havila vessel in Haugesund (Norway), and is expected to last for three weeks. Equinor uses 4D gravity and subsidence data to increase recovery rates and manage field production.

OCTIO secures a maintenance contract extension with Equinor for WellWatch system on Oseberg C

OCTIO has secured a one-year contract extension with Equinor to provide maintenance services for the WellWatch system on the Oseberg C platform. OCTIO deployed the WellWatch seismic cable on the seabed, and Equinor utilizes the data acquired for continuous monitoring of an injector well for the cuttings waste injection program. This monitoring ensures caprock integrity while maximizing injection rates. The benefits of a robust surveillance