OCTIO provides flexible and smart geophysical monitoring solutions for hydrocarbon producing fields offshore. Our monitoring methods are tailored to optimally fit every specific project, are cost-effective and don’t require large upfront investments.

OCTIO’s services are complete, covering all the phases required to convert geophysical data into value for our clients. OCTIO performs the geophysical studies that lead to overall monitoring strategies; plans and executes operations and provides support to integrate data in interpretation workflows.

OCTIO’s main technological propositions are:


Survey-based 4D gravity and seafloor subsidence monitoring.  The most widely spread technology for mapping drainage and fluid substitution in hydrocarbon reservoirs is 4D seismic, which involves high costs and environmental impact. Gravitude’s technology is an alternative to seismic at 10% of the cost and with no impact on marine life. Gravitude’s surveys provide an accurate picture of mass changes and compaction throughout the reservoir, which facilitates optimized infill-well locations and efficient production strategies.
Real-time seismic monitoring. OCTIO has the unique capability to deploy seismic cables on the seabed and process and interpret their data in real-time. In well-drilling operations, OCTIO’s cables reconstruct the sounds produced by the drill bit. This provides extremely valuable information to the drilling team: consistent meter-level positioning throughout the length of the well and the ability to sense geological bodies ahead and around the bit. When deployed over functioning injector wells, OCTIO’s cables provide real-time caprock integrity monitoring, as well as valuable information on the reservoirs.

In 2021 OCTIO was aquired by Reach Subsea. The Reach Subsea ASA Group’s business concept is to offer subsea services as subcontractor and/or directly to end clients, based out of our head office in Haugesund. The core business of the Group is based on modern, high spec Work ROVs operated by highly-qualified offshore personnel, and supported by onshore engineering resources. The Group’s objective is to be a preferred subsea partner and full-service provider of subsea operations for clients, among others by having focus on safety, environment, financial solidity and profitability.