OCTIO is proud to present our new innovation: DepthWatch for accurate node depth measurements - a game changer in terms of enhanced data quality in OBN surveys.
Visit us at booth 701 to learn more about the novel DepthWatch system for seismic ocean bottom node campaigns:

  • Accurate node depths provide improved 4D repeatability and better multiple-based imaging
  • No interference with the OBN operations and low additional cost
  • Equipment compatible with all node campaigns utilizing ROVs
  • Relative node depths are measured with an accuracy of a few centimeters

In addition, OCTIO provides a range of services for non-intrusive monitoring applications:

  • DepthWatch: Cost-effective, full-field seafloor subsidence monitoring
  • gWatch: 4D gravity at the seafloor
  • DrillWatch: Real-time decision support during drilling operations using a portable seabed seismic system
  • WellWatch: Real-time integrity monitoring for ensuring safe and efficient injection operations for IOR or waste injection

Come and visit us at booth number 701

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