Don’t miss this opportunity to get updated about recent developments in OCTIO’s technologies:

DrillWatch: real-time decision support during drilling operations using a portable seabed seismic system
Applications: improved geo-steering, depth control, well integrity and look-ahead

  • New results demonstrate an accuracy of 2 meters in the positioning of the drill bit
  • Results on look-ahead will be presented by Flavio Poletto (OGS), Session VSP 1, Room 303B on Wednesday September 18th 9:20 – 9:45 AM (Seismic While Drilling Using a Large-Aperture Ocean Bottom Array)

gWatch: 4D gravity at the seafloor as an alternative to seismic at 10% of cost
Applications: map mass redistribution in the reservoir, map reservoir depletion, quantify aquifer influx, identify compartments

  • New generation of equipment used in 2019 shows greatly improved accuracy and hence makes possible the applicability in a much wider range of fields

DepthWatch: cost-effective, full-field seafloor subsidence monitoring with 2 mm accuracy
Applications: map pressure depletion and compressibility through the reservoir, evaluate drilling window, identify undrained compartments and prevent hazards

DepthWatch for node campaigns: incorporate the DepthWatch technology in 4D seismic campaigns to accurately measure node depths
: largely improve repeatability in 4D seismics

  • Results will be presented at the technical sessions by Paul Hatchell (Shell), Session ACQ 5, Room: 221A, Wednesday September 18th , 2:40 - 3:05 PM (Precise depth and subsidence measurements during deepwater OBN surveys)

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