OCTIO’s DepthWatch technology is used to determine relative seafloor depths with extreme accuracy. Thanks to recent developments that make the instrumentation even more precise and compact, DepthWatch is now available as a service for ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic campaigns. The development will be presented by Paul Hatchell (Shell) at the forthcoming SEG Conference (see the abstract here).

4D OBN surveys are performed periodically over offshore hydrocarbon reservoirs. During the surveys, air guns are used to produce sound waves in water, that travel to the subsurface and are reflected by the rock formations and the embedded fluids. Both the original and reflected waves are recorded by seismic nodes, that are temporally deployed at the seabed by using ROVs. A comparison of the reflected waves in consecutive surveys allows inferring changes in the reservoir, and provides valuable information for managing the hydrocarbon production strategy.

For obtaining the best possible information from the analysis of the seismic data, it is critical to know at which depth each particular node has been deployed. OCTIO’s DepthWatch is the first solution to provide the depth accuracy required not to deteriorate the picture of reservoir changes obtained with seismic data, even for deep water projects.

Read more about DepthWatch for seismic nodes here.

Learn more about OCTIO’s technologies at the forthcoming SEG Conference in San Antonio.

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