Thursday Oct 20, 8:30am
Session PS5
Real-time microseismic monitoring in the North Sea with advanced noise removal methods
Ben Dando, Kamran Iranpour, and Volker Oye,
NORSAR; Sascha Bussat, Statoil; Louise Bjerrum, OCTIO
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Speaker: Ben Dando, NORSAR

Thursday Oct 20, 13:30pm
Workshop 8, Optimizing Value: Non-Seismic Data in a Challenging Economic Environment
4D gravity and subsidence as cost-effective monitoring tools for offshore reservoirs

Speaker: Hugo Ruiz, OCTIO

Friday Oct 21, 08:30am
Workshop 11, 4D Part 2 – Reservoir surveillance in a “lower for longer” world: Getting more for less.
Subsidence monitoring for IOR and production forecasting for offshore reservoirs

Speaker: John Even Lindgård, OCTIO

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