Drilling an offshore well is a costly operation. In some cases, the limited amount of existing subsurface data can lead to delays and incidents during drilling. In extreme situations, even the integrity of the caprock covering the hydrocarbon reservoir can be challenged.

In DrillWatch projects, OCTIO deploys a seismic cable on the seabed as a part of the rig preparations. Data is then acquired and analyzed real-time, by using OCTIO's Guardian package .

The applications of this real-time, passive seismic monitoring are:

  • Geo-steering of the drill bit
  • Location of the drill bit in units of seismic time
  • Monitoring of fractures:
  • Loss of drilling fluid
  • Cement integrity
  • Analysis of XLOT and injection test effects
  • Look-forward and reverse seismic when drilling
  • Ensure caprock integrity

OCTIO DrillWatch is used for instance for wells at the Barents Sea, where the relatively thin caprock requires introducing additional safety measures in the operation.