ReM: reliable and scalable reservoir monitoring

OCTIO's ReM technology provides highly reliable seafloor monitoring based on a flexible and open architecture. ReM systems are easily deployed, and they can be retrieved after dedicated operations or left on the seafloor for the lifetime of the field.

As they use hardware, software and communication standards, ReM systems are easily integrated with other subsea infrastructure.

After their initial deployment, ReM systems can be rescaled to adapt to different phases of the field’s lifetime, from drilling and injection monitoring to field-wide reservoir monitoring.

The standard sensor node of the ReM system includes a hydrophone and a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, providing extended bandwidth and superior vector-fidelity.

ReM systems can utilize existing power, communications and control infrastructure. Data is transmitted digitally by means of an Ethernet network from the seabed. There is no intrinsic limitation in the number of sensors.

All components of the system are standard-based. This facilitates the integration of physical, biological, geological, oceanographic and other environmental third party sensors, and allows the ReM system to tie in to subsea distribution systems and nodes.

Data acquisition can be controlled from fixed or floating platforms, source vessels, buoys or onshore control centers by means of radio, satellite or optical fiber communication.

ReM systems are qualified for a 25-year lifetime and are available 24/7 during the project lifetime.

Reliability is ensured by using industry-standard failure rate prediction models, selecting the most reliable components and manufacturers, and utilizing our patented multi-barrier sealing and termination technology.

ReM systems are designed to withstand heavy use as well as external incidents. They are fully qualified for long life applications, and feature patented cable redundancy measures.

The 3-component accelerometers used in ReM systems feature:
  • Low-noise with broad frequency band and linear phase down to 0 Hz.
  • No moving parts, with a mechanical design providing optimal cross-axis isolation and sensor coupling to the seafloor.
  • High sensitivity (40 ng for the accelerometers) with no sensitivity loss over time.
  • Sampling rate 1, 2 or 4 ms
  • GPS-synchronized sampling, yielding an absolute timing accuracy of better than 10 microseconds across the system.
Due to the stable sensitivity and timing, the sensors are well suited for both active time-lapse and passive seismic applications.

The hydrophones used in ReM systems are omnidirectional, and their response is matched to that of the accelerometers.

ReM-based products

OCTIO DrillWatch

Passive seismic monitoring while drilling

OCTIO WellWatch

Injection integrity monitoring

OCTIO ResWatch

Permanent reservoir monitoring

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