Selection of publications with OCTIO authors:

TitleFirst authorYearCategoryReferenceURL
Monitoring Offshore CO2 Storage Using Time-lapse Gravity and Seafloor DeformationRuiz2017Gravity and subsidence monitoringEAGE
Mapping water influx and hydrocarbon depletion in offshore reservoirs using gravimetry: requirements on gravimeter calibrationAgersborg2017Gravity and subsidence monitoringSEG
Monitoring the Ormen Lange field with 4D gravity and seafloor subsidenceVatshelle2017Gravity and subsidence monitoringEAGE
How 4D Gravity and Subsidence Monitoring Provide Improved Decision Making at a Lower CostLien2017Gravity and subsidence monitoringEAGE
4D gravity and subsidence as cost-effective monitoring tools for offshore reservoirsRuiz2016Gravity and subsidence monitoringSEG workshop
A New Method for Field-wide Real-time Subsidence Monitoring with Sub-centimeter AccuracyRuiz2016Subsidence monitoringEage
4D gravity and subsidence as cost-effective tools for offshore reservoir monitoringRuiz2016Gravity and subsidence monitoringSEG workshop
Assimilation of Time-lapse CSEM Data for Fluid Flow MonitoringLien2014Integration of gravity and electromagnetic dataEAGE
Monitoring of offshore reservoirs using 4D gravimetry at the seafloor: state of the artRuiz2015Gravity and subsidence monitoringEAGE
Using gravity to Enhance RecoveryFageraas2013Gravity and subsidence
4D gravity and subsidence as cost
- effective tools for offshore reservoir monitoring
Ruiz2016Gravity and subsidence monitoringNPF
Real Time Offshore Monitoring - Key Learnings - Pitfalls and PotentialsBergfjord2017Microseismic monitoring EAGE
Comparison of Noise Characteristics on an Un-trenched and Trenched Cable Deployed in the North Sea for a PRM SystemBjerrum2014Microseismic monitoringEAGE
Permanent reservoir monitoring for
increased surveillance and safety
Bjerrum2015Microseismic monitoringSPE workshop
Offshore injection and overburden surveillance using real-time passive seismicBussat2016Microseismic monitoringFirst
Real-time microseismic monitoring in the North Sea with advanced noise removal methods Dando2016Microseismic monitoringSEG
Utilizing PRM Systems for Injection MonitoringLindgard2013Microseismic monitoringEAGE
Real Time Caprock Integrity Monitoring Becomes RealityMatveeva2015Microseismic monitoringEAGE
Density Changes and Reservoir Compaction from In-situ Calibrated 4D Gravity and Subsidence Measured at the SeafloorAgersborg2017Gravity and subsidence monitoringSPE