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Bring resources to reserves by 4D life of field seismic

OCTIO is a provider of Permanent Oilfield Monitoring (POM) with a Life-Of-Field perspective that utilizes technologies and competence within reservoir monitoring, caprock integrity and environmental monitoring.

OCTIO delivers a total Permanent Oilfield Monitoring solution (ReM) for Oil and Gas Companies, as the key to increased recovery and reduced risk. OCTIO’s ReM (Reservoir Monitoring) system is based on a digital network including high vector fidelity seismic MEMS sensors with interface to EM sensors, chemical sensors, biological sensors, oceanographic sensors and any other future sensor design. The system is built for permanent deployment on the sea floor with a 25 years lifetime. Once it has been installed, the system can be used to perform passive monitoring as well as repeated seismic surveys of the reservoir as required in order to control the development of the reservoir, the overburden and the environment. The data acquisition system is intended to enable the use of seismic data in the reservoir development plan in combination with a real time warning system in case of leakage of gas, oil, waste or polluted water from the seabed.

OCTIO strives to achieve total customer satisfaction by developing products and services which meet or exceed their requirements, needs and expectations. OCTIO monitor and measure processes to continuously improve them, and to achieve agreed level of quality on deliveries both to internal and external customers.