OCTIO Management

Bjarte Fagerås


Bjarte Fagerås is CEO in OCTIO. Mr. Fagerås graduated MSc. in physics and mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and has a postgraduate degree in management and finance. He was initially 10 years in Geco/Schlumberger in Norway, USA and Germany followed by technical and operational management positions in Alcatel Space, PGS and Aker Geo. From 2001, he was CTO in ION Geophysical in Houston until he as CEO took Exploration Resources public on the Oslo Stock Exchange early in 2005. After subsequently selling Exploration Resources to CGG later in 2005, he was the CEO at Technocean and started Reservoir Innovation and initiated OCTIO with Statoil Venture Capital and ION Geophysical.

Helge Brandsæter


Helge Brandsæter has extensive experience from the seismic industry having had different management positions within technology, sales and operations. Starting his career in GECO his last position was Senior Vice president for Technology. After operating his own company Case Geophysical  for a number of years he joined  Read Well Services (RWS) as CTO and held the position as General Manager for the US operation before joining Reservoir Innovation and OCTIO.

Magne Oldervoll


Magne Oldervoll is Chief Operating Officer in OCTIO.  Mr. Oldervoll holds an engineering degree in electronic and automation. He started in the seismic industry in 1980 in Geco AS, and participated in Geco’s well logging activity through Geco Well Services. He then participated in establishing Read Well Services, where he worked with both operations and equipment development for downhole and seabed seismic for 10 years. After this he held different positions related to technology development and equipment manufacturing in PGS, Aker Geo, and ION Geophysical. For more than twenty years he has been involved in development and operation
of Ocean Bottom Seismic systems. In 2006,
he co-founded Reservoir Innovation and OCTIO,
and has held the position as COO of OCTIO since the start of the company.


Leon Løvheim


Leon Løvheim is Chief Technology Officer in OCTIO.  Mr. Løvheim holds an EE degree from University of Stavanger in Norway.  He started his career in 1984 with Simrad Subsea (now part of Kongsberg Group) working on development of hydro-acoustic products for the navy and offshore oil & gas industries.  He then spent seven years with Intoximeters and IPT in Palo Alto, California, working on development of signal-processing technology, mainly for telecommunication and networking products.  Since his return to Norway in 1993, he has held technical and management positions with Elsag Bailey, PGS, Aker Geo Seismic and ION Geophysical.  His main responsibilities in this period have been within development and engineering of systems and products for the offshore oil & gas industry.  The last fifteen years he has focused on development of Ocean Bottom Seismic systems.  In 2006, he co-founded Reservoir Innovation and OCTIO, and has held the position as CTO of OCTIO since the start of the company